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29 April 2009 @ 01:14 am
wink up january 2009 translation  
yay! i managed to do a translation~ =) this time i included the main article, KAT-TUN CAN & message board. no scanlations this time coz i'm tired. & thanks to all who voted/commented in my poll. ‘question by question’ won by 7 votes only. since it wasn’t a landslide victory i’ll do it ‘member by member’ if necessary. so what’s the poll for? beats me. lol.

& look out for popolo february 2009 translation next~ =) kame's & ueda's won't be translated though. coz it's already been done at kattunlove. =)

edit: 'omotenashi' means reception/hospitality. thanks to the lovely nono96  & kinokoro  for helping. <3
‘omotenashi’ is a noun which means uncharted/unplanned/without appearances. but the more i translate, the more it seems like there’s some other meaning to the word. maybe i need to upgrade my dictionary.

The theme this month is ‘omotenashi’. They have many chances of being treated in the omotenashi way. If they are in a position to do omotenashi, with what kind of omotenashi will they entertain us with?

The greatest omotenashi in the history of your life
K: What is it… There are many. There are many chances in work where I received omotenashi in things to be grateful for. For example, for a location shoot, preparation was done long in advance without my knowledge because ‘Kamenashi will be here that day’. It’s much appreciated when you’re thought about in this way.

A: Probably when I was welcomed by the host family when I went to LA to study. It’s not like they threw me a welcome party or something special; they said, “Welcome to California!” I was happy that I was welcomed like a family member; it didn’t matter if I came from Japan or that I was of a different nationality. That their kindness was transmitted was the best omotenashi.

T: The fact that for last year’s birthday, everyone gathered and did a countdown for me the day before, the 28th of November. Though it wasn’t a surprise party, a cake was prepared and various people came, not just friends. It’s the happiest omotonashi up till now.

-T: It’s probably when the sushi shop owner cleared the entire 2nd storey for me. That sushi shop owner is not a friend, just a ‘friend of a friend of…’ kind of connection. When I made a call, he said, “If Tanaka-san is coming, I’ll give you the 2nd storey!” I was happy about this omotenashi.

U: Hmm, what is it? No matter what, work-wise, there are many occasions when I received omotenashi… But for example, for Wink up’s information collection, I’m happy about omotenashi like preparing in advance low-calorie food, the white meat of yakitori [grilled chicken on a skewer], and lots of food that I can eat. Even if you say it’s of high-grade, food high in calories are… That’s why even if food like foie gras is prepared, conversely I’ll be troubled.

N: The time I was called to a music festival in Thailand, I reached the airport and passing through the back door, there were many tanks lined up there! Moreover soldiers were accompanying us as guards… I really thought it was ‘great!’ In order to make the music festival a success, and for us, the fact that there was a movement of a scale that’s comparable to a country was an omotenashi that made me feel the superbness.

[Insert name here]-style Omotenashi ~Foreigner Chapter~
K: Because I want him/her to enjoy the time in Japan, if he/she doesn’t have any plans I’ll accompany him/her. But I think the ways of spending time will differ from person to person, I’ll think about the method of omotenashi that fits that person. For example if he’s a man, maybe I’ll bring him further out to nature, to a nearby beach. That’s because anyone can travel in the city at any time. Also, I want to teach him the ways of Japanese life. So we’ll go to a supermarket together and shop while discussing ‘what to make today’.

A: Places I normally go to that are fun and furthermore has a Japanese feel… I’ll bring him/her to a club or for some food. I won’t bring him/her to temples or shrines just because he/she has come to Japan. I don’t usually go to such places myself, so even if I brought him/her there I can’t explain to him/her the attraction of the place. In the past, the Hollywood actor Masi Oka came to Japan and appeared on ‘Cartoon KAT-TUN’ and we decided to go out together because we got along well. That time, though we went to a yakitori shop and then to a club, we managed to have a great time.

T: For the time being, I’ll bring him/her to a food shop that I like. Because Japan is first in the gourmet world again! I want him/her to feel ‘Japanese tradition’ through food. I’ll choose a shop from all those that I’ve been to once before. I can’t bring him/her to a shop I’ve not been to out of fear. No matter how ‘delicious’ the shop has been rated, it’s not good if I myself have not gone once. If he/she requests to go to a shop I’ve not gone before, I’ll check it out properly before I accompany him/her there.

-T: Asakusa! There’s no other place that has a touch of such Japanese qualities. It’s not good if you don’t bring him/her from Nakamise Street to Asakusa Temple, you can’t exclude Nakamise Street. As it seems that you can only look around for about 30 minutes on a tour, I want to show the place leisurely. Also, I want to bring him/her to Akihabara’s Maid Cafes, etc and say, “We do this now in Japan.”

U: It differs according to gender; anyway if he’s a guy, we’ll probably go to Roppongi or somewhere near to play. If she’s a girl, it’ll be sort of like a date where we’ll go to the amusement park or something (laughs). As the theme parks overseas are much bigger than that at Maihama, we’ll go to an amusement park in the rural area. Maybe we won’t go to places that are completely Japan-like, such as Asakusa, since I myself don’t understand it very well. I will entertain by doing omotenashi within the scope of what I know to be ‘certainly fun’. [disneyland is at maihama.]

N: If we can be said to be friends, first of all I’ll fetch him/her from the airport. After that, I’ll coordinate plans to so we can go to popular or fun places. As for the selection of shopping, food, good shops or places, I’ll choose places that I’ve been to before and on top of that, they must make him/her feel that he/she has come to Japan, and places that will delights foreigners and only exist in Japan. And because of that, we’ll have sushi or something for food. For example, if I go to America, and my friends there bring me to a Japanese restaurant, I will think “It’s kind of off…” Won’t you? That’s why it’s imperative that I select something with a ‘taste of Japan’.

[Insert name here]-style Omotenashi ~Distant Friend Chapter~
K: I’ll bring him/her to the latest spot in Tokyo, that’s if we’re travelling in the city. And to the place he/she wants to go. If he/she says, ‘I want to go to a place I’ve not been to for a long time’, I’ll bring him/her there. If he/she is staying in Tokyo for half a day, firstly we’ll have a meal then decide on the spot about other plans. Because I’m the kind who places importance on the atmosphere of the place.

A: It would be the same in this situation. If he/she is staying over in Tokyo for a night maybe I’ll bring him/her to a club? And something like watching a movie at home or the cinema… Ah, watching it at home is probably better. Because you can’t talk in the middle of the screening at the cinema but you can talk while watching the movie at home.

T: Besides food, I’ll bring him/her to Tokyo’s playgrounds, or bustling streets. After all, Tokyo has more varieties of places than other places, and there are also facilities that exist only in Tokyo, so it’ll definitely be fun. And talking about my hobbies, I’ll go play billiard with him/her. Although you can play billiard anywhere normally, Tokyo is the only place you can do it with me.

-T: I’ll bring him/her to Tokyo Tower with a mast. I’ll take him/her there in the evening when you can enjoy both the landscape and night scenery… Odaiba will be up next. As you’ll probably come to dislike Tokyo, I don’t want to show places that are messy with stores and houses on the streets. I want to give an idea about places that say ‘Tokyo is this much fun!’ Also, around the area of the proposed Athlete’s Village for the Tokyo Olympics… These are places I usually go to (laughs). But I can’t give a guide if it’s not places I know, if it’s not a place not printed in the guidebook, there’s no meaning in me doing omotenashi.

U: If he’s a guy, it’ll probably end after a normal drink (laughs). If she’s a girl… Hmm~ it’s the same for a girl? But if we decide to eat in my home, instead of making the food alone, we’ll do it together. And, I’ll do omotenashi so that the time spent making food together will also be fun.

N: I probably won’t change much from the omotenashi method used for a foreign friend. I won’t go far from the ‘taste of Japan’. In this case, I’ll bring him/her to a place that I can think he/she will ‘be happy if brought there’, and at the same time the place is also Tokyo-ish and will possibly be in a guidebook. That would be spots in Akasaka or Roppongi. In this situation I’ll also choose a place that I’ve been to once before and that I’m acquainted with.

The Secret of [Insert name here]-style Omotenashi
K: Just as I thought, it’s not about showing consideration for the other party. Though there is much preparation and research done about food, for example I hate tomatoes, don’t I? Despite that even if someone says to me, “This tomato is delicious!” no matter what, I can’t think of that as ‘omotenashi’ and will think that “He/she doesn’t know anything about me…” It’s not about being considerate in a one-sided way, but knowing about the other party, and doing things that matches him/her is ‘omotenashi’. Though it’s also important that you know about the other party after meeting, to a certain degree, if you don’t think about the other party you can’t say it’s ‘omotenashi’.

A: Both enjoying the time spent together. I can’t bring him/her to a high-class shop for food and that’s not necessarily ‘good omotenashi’. I consider enjoying the same time with the partner the most important.

T: Not to be too eager. Of course don’t be detailed about considering the other party’s feelings, and also not to be overly particular when it comes to your own self. I myself don’t like excessive strictness… I’m a little bad when it comes to being warmly treated. Just like I thought, it’s best for the partner and I to relax and be natural. But I think to do omotenashi is to be sensitive to areas that can’t be seen.

-T: A surprise! I want to give surprises even at a friend’s wedding. But being surprised… I’m really not used to it so I want them to stop (laughs). It’s not that I’m shy, but there’s some awkwardness when I realize it. Because I plan a surprise party every year for 20 friends, I know when a surprise is on-going. Anyway, the secret to giving a surprise that succeeds 100% is… to plan superbly! It’s not good if you don’t get moving from at least 10 days to 1 week in advance. But it’s tough to prepare thoroughly so I can only do it for a friend I really like. Lately, as expected I don’t have any ideas. I end up just saying normally, “Come coz we’re having a celebration.” (laughs)

U: Perhaps it’s not giving out an atmosphere that both parties can enjoy. It’s not just doing something, making a fun atmosphere is also important. But to do omotenashi for someone you don’t know well is… fairly difficult. For starters you don’t know whether or not your personalities match. On the contrary, if it’s someone who matches me, because it’s fun no matter what I do, it’s easy to do omotenashi.

N: That would be thoughtfulness. The ideal is to be able to do something that will please the other party. Though it’s also important to do some light research in advance, first of all it’s thoughtfulness! Because if you take the other party into consideration, you can do anything.

The new single 『White X’mas』 is OO% of OO
K: A 100% Christmassy and a 『White X’mas』 of 100% KAT-TUN. This time the Christmassy feeling of the song really comes out and a considerable number of people around also said, “It has a new feel.” The PV and song both exudes a ‘KAT-TUN-like Christmas’. By the way, it’s been set up that I’m not able to pass my present in the PV. But in reality I failed to pass a present 1 time; I’m the type who finds it difficult to give presents (laughs).

A: A 100% Christmassy atmosphere and a 『White X’mas』 of 50% sorrowfulness. Though it’s a song about Christmas, the lyrics are a little sorrowful. Even in the PV, each member wants to give a present to the person they’re interested in, but due to hesitation, some get to give the present while others don’t. That’s why it’s 50% sorrowfulness. Though the PV has a great atmosphere, personally I feel that there’s a small gap between it and the song. Everyone enjoying and imagining, in a straightforward way, each portion of the gap with the song is also interesting.

T: A 『White X’mas』 of 90% sorrowfulness. Though we sing about positive feelings as well, I feel the sorrowful portions more strongly no matter what. The methods of accepting differs depending on the person and the degree of positivity also differs for each and every person, but for me, the ‘degree of positivity’ is 10%. And though it’s been set up such that I’ll be hesitating about sending a letter in the PV, if it’s me, I would think, “If I’m even wavering, then I won’t send it!” (laughs). But the PV has a dreamy atmosphere and there is a lot of snow falling beautifully. I want you to please check out the PV on top of the song.

-T: A 『White X’mas』 of 0% humidity. Somehow it’s a heartrending song this time, and everyone will shed tears and cry too much and the water within their bodies will decrease. That’s why it’s ‘0% humidity’ (laughs). And in the PV, only Kame and I play roles who are jilted. Because I expect a ‘lovey-dovey’ Christmas but you can see that it was not to be so, I can probably say, ‘a 180° angle’?

U: Though the song has 0% favourable impression, the PV is a 『White X’mas』 of 100% smiling faces. At any rate, it’s because the song is different from the rest up till now and is one that has a very sorrowful atmosphere. That said, if I make it a ‘100% sorrowful’, as it’ll lack a bit of interest, I dare say that ‘0% favourable impression’ is just an overstatement (laughs)! The PV is not done in a straight, concrete way, and depending on the members, each set-up and end is different. For me, the set-up is ‘thinking both thoughts and got married’ and so I made a really blessed~ face. So it’s 100% smiling faces (laughs). Though the song has a sorrowful mood, I want you to please enjoy the gap that is smiling faces in the PV.

N: A 『White X’mas』 with 10% of 36.5 degrees. 36.5 degrees is my body temperature and 10% is my body fat percentage… No, I’m joking (laughs). The song this time, I think has a wonderful feel and is a song of kingship, thus, it’s a 『White X’mas』 of 100% accomplishment. Even though it’s sentimental, it makes one feel hope… Because it’s completed with such broad layers that can be received. In the PV, it’s set up such that I want to give a present but for some reason I can’t do it and I waver. However I get courage from Santa, my feelings change and go to deliver the present. If you enjoy the atmosphere that’s different from the usual PVs, or get lost in the romantic mood, if some kind of influence is provided, I’ll be happy.

[the following translation is of a page with small pictures of KAT-TUN and explanations on their photoshoot.]
The road to fluent conversation is still far, far away!?
Starting from Jin and Nakamaru. After an order from the cameraman saying, “Make an atmosphere of conversation,” Jin suddenly says, “Hi!” to Nakamaru (①). After that, though we expected to hear fluent conversation (!?), the details are everyday conversation such as ‘How do you do’. Moreover, the conversation doesn’t lengthen much in English… In the end, the two started speaking in Japanese. ② shows the strangely close faces of Taguchi & Koki, possibly to create an atmosphere of good feelings. Such a Taguchi is maintaining his balance atop a chair and showing his flexibility appeal (③). Ueda is expressing a scene seemingly from a movie, with a monkey wrench in his hand (④). And the last is a paper used in the interview that has ‘san do, icchi’ written underneath 「OO do, OO%」, and Koki who played dumb saying, “Eh, have you heard about such a thing?”
[do means degree; i didn't include 'degree' in the above translation coz it'd sound weird. san means 3 and icchi means 1 which kinda makes sense. but san, do & icchi put together means sandwich. koki, don’t steal junno’s dajare job! lol]

KAT-TUN Challenge!!!
This time the winner of the challenge will be the one who can form the most number of words using kanji [Chinese character used in Japanese writing] written on playing cards. The number one who shines by forming character combinations after character combinations is?

How many combinations of characters can you make within 30 seconds using 12 playing cards with kanji written on them?

Kamenashi Kazuya - Record: 5
Unfortunately, Kame is last. But as he was extremely interested in this game, he brought home the cards in the end.

Akanishi Jin - Record: 13
Jin challenged this as a top batter and complete words after words to become the marvelous number 1. Unexpectedly his forte is not only English but kanji too!?

Taguchi Junnosuke - Record: 6
Taguchi managed to answer smoothly from the beginning but after giving 5 answers he was stumped and finally ended with 6~.

Tanaka Koki - Record: 7
Koki tackled it this month seriously. Though he was a little perplexed, the result is a passable 3rd place.

Ueda Tatsuya - Record: 11
Ueda, finding combinations after combinations, delivered the best result after Jin. The 「王」[king] that he’s holding in the photo has a deep but secret meaning.

Nakamaru Yuichi - Record: 6
Perhaps he felt that the time limit of 30 seconds is too short, thus in the end he even gave a combination that does not exist (laugh).

Solve without hesitation!
KAT-TUN Answers

Question for Akanishi Jin kun
Q: I’m very bad at rising early in the morning. What can I do to make myself wake up early? From Kana.
A: I’m not a good riser too. So if there’s a good way to wake up easily, I’d rather want to know. I usually use an alarm clock to get up, then I wash my face and brush my teeth… I wake myself up by getting ready. But when I really can’t wake myself up, I take a shower. It’s quite an easy way but it wakes me up for sure. [this is jin’s english, word for word.]

Question for Taguchi Junnosuke kun
Q: Taguchi-kun’s birthday is coming soon and, did you manage to make a billiard cue like you said you wanted to do by the end of 2008? From Love☆Attack.
A: I just talked to an acquaintance about the design yesterday! It’s good if I make it when I want to; there’s no hurry. But completing an original cue will make me happy… I’m very looking forward to it myself (laughs). As for my birthday, I just received a present from Nakamaru kun. I don’t have the feeling that I’m an adult now… I cut my hair and thought it could make me look younger (laughs). But I style and do stuff to it and feel that I’m changing little by little.

Message Board
Kamenashi Kazuya
To Takizawa (Hideaki) kun.
I’m envious of the other day’s ‘Pussuma’. Was it fun? It was fun. Definitely.
Q: What can’t be lacking in a Christmas party?
A: The card that has combinations of Chinese characters written on it for this time’s challenge. As this is interesting I think it’ll liven up the mood.

Tanaka Koki
To Santa san.
I’ve been waiting for 23 years; when are you coming?
Q: What can’t be lacking in a Christmas party?
A: Turkey and champagne. Though it was messy, we dressed the turkey at home last year, and played mini 4 wheel drive. We were quite high.

Nakamaru Yuichi
To the following:
To Rioneru Messhi (the soccer player) [sorry i fail at soccer names, in katakana no less. Lionel something??]
edit: To Lionel Messi (the soccer player) [thanks to srikandicinta ]
There was a question from Tegoshi kun, so how was it?
To Kojima Hideo san (the game maker)
I’ve been playing since 10 years ago. I got goose bumps at the last series. I thought it’d be good if this has some connection to work~. I send my thoughts!
To Otsuka Akio san (the voice actor)
I admire your well-trained voice. If it’s convenient please contact me. I send my thoughts!
[the question wasn't posted to maru. i think because his messages were too long. lol.]

Kiriyama Akito (B.A.D.)
To the following:
To (Takaki) Yuya. What do you mean by ‘are you ok?’ I’ll ask you conversely, “Are you ok?”
To Akanishi (Jin) kun. When will you be kind to me?
To (Hamanaka) Bunichi. When are you coming over to stay?
Q: What is the thing that can’t be lacking in a Christmas party?
A: The takoyaki receptacle for Russian roulette! For instance, putting wasabi in one of the takoyaki. It’ll definitely be a hit?
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mayam_mj90mayam_mj90 on April 28th, 2009 06:28 pm (UTC)
"I've been waiting for 23 years" Muahahaha.. He's funny.
Jin's English is very good.. And Jin and Ueda who are great song wrigters are the ones who finish highest in the game.. Their vocab must be brilliant~

Thanx for sharing!!!
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 02:58 am (UTC)
i laughed so hard when i read that so i included it too. =)
Stephaniepinkymoonishi on April 28th, 2009 06:32 pm (UTC)
omg thank you so much for translating this~~
Everytime, I read translations like this, I´m feeling soo~ close to everyone of them x3
I love their answers!
You made my day with this, rly thank you!! <3
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 02:59 am (UTC)
=) you're welcome.
Pika Pika ぴょん..: ame azuyashapika on April 28th, 2009 06:36 pm (UTC)
Haha. I have so much fun reading those!
KATTUN sure is LOVEEE~~~
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:00 am (UTC)
you're welcome. :D
Harle: Yuroku oohour_scars on April 28th, 2009 06:49 pm (UTC)
See?!?! Jin's not that stupid. XD
I still remember that episode of SC when he couldn't read some kanji XD
Aluakardaluakard on April 29th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
which was it? I want to watch it too. Thanks in advance... :-)
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chodeechodee on April 28th, 2009 06:53 pm (UTC)
thanks for translating! <3
morning passages: {fnl}: made of pure goodness!shikinluv on April 28th, 2009 06:56 pm (UTC)
LMAO, Koki. That's precious.

"Bakanishi" never seems to fit Jin anymore. When did he grow up and get all smart on us. D:

Thank you for translating!
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
jin just decided he won't take any more of the 'baka' insults anymore! hee.
nono96 on April 28th, 2009 07:00 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much.

My dictionary translates:
お持て成し - おもてなし as "hospitality, entertainment, service/treatment"
or another one as "welcome, reception"

Maybe that helps.
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mendibubamendibuba on April 28th, 2009 07:15 pm (UTC)
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chiby83chiby83 on April 28th, 2009 07:17 pm (UTC)
Koki question to Santa LOOL XD

don't desesperate Koki he will come .. one day ^^
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yaaayy thank you so much for sharing this <3 !!!!! (My love for koki get 'high' more and more and more each time xD !!!!)
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:08 am (UTC)
i love koki too~ so im happy for you! :D
Sakurai_love1ueda_love1 on April 28th, 2009 09:29 pm (UTC)
"Although you can play billiard anywhere normally, Tokyo is the only place you can do it with me."
best quote hahahaaaa i love it!

and then Koki "To Santa san.
I’ve been waiting for 23 years; when are you coming?" hahahaa ^^b

thank you ! xD
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:11 am (UTC)
i was going to type 'Tokyo is the only place you can do play billiard with me' coz 'you can do it with me' kinda, erm, left too much to one's imagination. *bricked* but i really shouldn't add extra words to junno's speech. lol.

you're welcome. =)
srikandicinta: kamepermpermsrikandicinta on April 28th, 2009 10:32 pm (UTC)
haha.. its Lionel Messi btw.. hehe..

thanx for translating ne!!~ its nice to read..
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:13 am (UTC)
i see..thanks. you're welcome~ =)
islandgurl84: jinhatglassislandgurl84 on April 28th, 2009 11:15 pm (UTC)
thanks for translating. enjoyed reading it. jin is one smart cookie in english and with kanji. love the member interaction esp. koki's 23 years of waiting for santa. lol. and thanks for the bonus on akito kiriyama of b.a.d. love this kansai junior too.
dandelionkat_o_tun on April 29th, 2009 03:14 am (UTC)
i loved it too. you're welcome. <3
Aluakardaluakard on April 29th, 2009 01:06 am (UTC)
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Love to hear about them~